Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Long run

Yesterday, the hubby and I hosted our Dungeons & Dragons group (yes, I know we’re nerds!). For scheduling purposes, it made more sense to run than to go to the gym to swim.

There’s not much to say about my run workout except that it was long. 65 minutes of running. Next week I will do my longest endurance run of my triathlon training plan – 75 minutes. I enjoy the long runs, but my hips and knees don’t like the distance as much as they used to some days. That makes me wonder what it would be like training for a marathon. Would it be too much, or would I adapt?

I’m still pretty happy with how my running has progressed. I ran 7.85 miles in the 65 minutes, which is an average mile pace of 8:17. I may have been faster in high school, but I’m gutsier now – more tolerant of discomfort, more confident. I sometimes wonder if I would be a stronger runner, if I could take my 30-year-old self back in time and run cross country and track all over again.

Monday, May 17, 2010
Run 65 minutes – 7.85 miles
Average mile pace of 8:17.

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