Wednesday, April 14, 2010

That's what training is for

Transitioning to running after performing another workout is hard.

Learning a whole new breathing rhythm in swimming is hard.

Balancing work, marriage, sleep and workouts is hard.

Training is practice for all of these things.  That's one of the things that training is for!

Not me - just FYI.   ;)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Intensity Swim (900 yards total), Run 30 minutes (approx. 3.25 miles)
Swim 100 warmup, 8x25 sprints, 10x50 threshold, 100 cool down.  Next week I start doing longer swimming intervals.  I'm really eager and nervous to see if I can find a pace that I can maintain for the longer distances.  I've found bilateral breathing to be so tiring.

Also, it's amazing how slow I feel running after swimming or biking first.  I'm glad I have the chance to get used to that feeling in training rather than getting hit with it by surprise on race day.  How disheartening would that be?!  I was reading about "triathlon" on Wikipedia the other day, and it mentioned the challenge of that feeling of running slower than you're used to after swimming and biking first.  It's nice to know that even the strongest athletes experience the same fatigue.

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