Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pine Hill Lakes Park

Since I knew I would be travelling for work today, I was happy to see that a running workout was on my training schedule.  I think that running is the easiest of the three triathlon sports to do when travelling because you can do it anywhere with minimal equipment.

As I was Googling directions to our Mason, OH office, I decided to check in with the city of Mason Parks and Recreation department to see if there were any parks in the area with bike or running trails.  I was lucky enough to find Pine Hill Lakes Park just a few miles from my hotel.

This park certainly excited me with its boast of "two miles of wooded hiking trails."  Most of the trails through the park were paved paths, but there were also some nicely groomed dirt paths through the woods.  It was great to give my joints and my pacing some practice running on dirt paths.  I'll need to do quite a bit more of that before the triathlon, whose running portion is on dirt.

I ran slowly today, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.  It was 85 degrees F, sunny and windy in Mason today.  Kinda nice!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Endurance Run - 50 minutes, 6x100 strides (approx. 5.5 miles total)
The hot sun, wind and hills may have slowed me down today, but I loved every minute of being outside running on both paved and dirt paths.  I loved the beautiful weather, and could have stayed outside in it all evening.  It was cool and thunderstorming back home in Grand Rapids today.  Lucky me to be 300 miles south of the storm!

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