Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New cycle (of the motor kind)

Last summer the hubby and I expanded our two-wheeled hobbies into motorcycling.  We both took a fantastic rider course through Grand Rapids Community College (for only $25) and got our motorcycle endorsements.

Since then, I've been riding a bike that my friend's mom was kind enough to let me borrow.  However, her other motorcycle broke down this spring, so she asked for the one I was riding back.

That meant that I needed to find myself a new bike.  Through craigslist and a connection through a coworker, I found that bike last night!  It's so sexy and sporty, and I am super excited to ride it!  It's a 2002 Honda 919 in matte black with a few custom modifications.  It looks amazing and rides like a dream.

And now I'm teasing you because I don't have it home with me yet to take pictures.  But I promise I will share as soon as I get some photos!

Monday, April 26, 2010
Intensity Swim - 1100 yards total, Run 30 minutes (approx. 3.75 miles)
Swam 100 warm up, 12x25 sprints, 3x200 threshold, 100 cool down
Running felt slow, but it was amazing being out in the warm sun!


  1. Nice.....looking forward to the photos. You deserve some power like that after all the pedal power you've been doing.


  2. Awesome! Can't wait to see pictures.