Monday, April 5, 2010

Learning to fly (through the water)

I met with my trainer, Chris, on Saturday afternoon to take a look at my swimming form and to learn some drills and exercises.

It was a great session!  Chris said that my form is not bad overall.  No glaring overhauls were necessary - just four or five little things that will help me become more efficient and faster.

I also enjoyed learning how to use some swimming aids such as a pool bouy, hand paddles and foot fins to focus on certain aspects of my form and to strengthen certain muscle groups.  Wow does it feel awesome to just fly through the water with those fins on!  Amazing!

After about 1200 yards total of various exercises, we talked about doing a follow up session in a few weeks.  As I do my swim workouts now, I'll spend a little bit of time practicing each technique that I need to improve on.  It's nice to have something to think about in the water besides simply trying to breath and count lengths.

I also felt really special on Saturday after finishing our coaching session.  I've chosen to get better at a hobby in my life simply for my own personal edification.  I know I pay Chris to share his knowledge of training and sports technique with me, but I still feel like I'm lucky to have the opportunity and the means to give this to myself.  I feel more confident and strong, and I know I'll do better in the triathlon than I ever would have training on my own.

I took the day off Sunday - more because I got completely caught up with the day's activities and forgot to do my workout than because I chose to take the day off.  But I feel like that rest day actually did me good.

Today, I'm getting ready to travel for work for a couple days, so I saved some time by going to the pool over my lunch hour instead of after work.  Now I have the evening free to prepare for the trip and have some fun with our DND group!

Saturday, April 3, 2010
Swimming session with trainer - 1200 yards total
The main aspects of my form that I need to focus on improving are reaching straight in front of me and grabbing the water, following through the push close to my body, keeping my elbows high coming out of the water, and keeping my hips on top of the water.

Monday, April 5, 2010
Intensity Swim - 1000 yards total
100 warmup, 8x25 sprints, 12x50 threshold, 100 cool down

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