Friday, March 19, 2010

Sewage Leak Update

After Wednesday night's sewage leak debacle, I got a plumber in to the house yesterday afternoon.  He replaced the section of copper pipe with the hole in it with PVC, and we can now flush our toilet again without flooding the basement with poo water.  Yeah!

By the way...if you live in the Grand Rapids area, I highly recommend Godwin Plumbing.  I've been to their well-stocked store before, but it turns out they also have a highly competant and friendly service department.  When I called the store, the gentleman I talked to was able to explain all of my repair options, give me an estimate of how long the repairs would take and tell me exactly how much they would cost.  When the technician, Mike, came to the house, he did exactly what the guy on the phone had explained, and it took LESS time than he had estimate - only 15 minutes.  Mike was also very friendly, explained what he was planning to do before he did it, and talked to me like an intelligent adult.  With the coupon I found on the Godwin website, the whole repair cost me $55.  I was extremely happy.

Now the hubby and I are still trying to kill off all the mold in the framing wood and floor.  It'll take a few cleanings, I suppose.  We're thinking about tearing the whole wall out of that area to be sure we get it all.  That would mean creating one large finished room on that side of the basement instead of a bedroom and a den.  I think I like the idea.

Hopefully, our homeowners insurance will assist with the redecorating repairs.

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