Friday, March 5, 2010

I won the Bike Lemming contest!

The Bike Lemming held a contest this week to win the Hawaii Rides Trilogy DVD set, and I won (he will put a winner report up soon)!  I may have been the only entrant...I honestly don't know.  And I don't care!  I'm actually excited to try these videos out while riding on my trainer in my basement.  I just finished watching the Matrix trilogy while riding on my trainer, so it's time to move on to another three-DVD set.  ;)

I'll be eagerly watching my mailbox.

In the mean time, I know that the cold icky weather is not finished yet here in Michigan, but it's getting close.  It was nice enough yesterday that I actually took my bike off the trainer and rode it outside!  It was glorious to be out in the sun.  I had to cut my ride a little bit shorter than I had planned, because the second section of trail that I was on had not thawed out yet.  Skinny tires and ice don't mix.  But I added a run to my work out and made it a brick.

Thursday, March 4, 2010
Bike 35 minutes (7.25 miles) outside
Easy pace with occasional stops for other trail users, ice patches and road crossings
Run 40 minutes (approx. 4 miles) outside
My hip flexors are sore.  I guess they're still not used to running again after last summer's cycling bender.

I also got some feedback from the athletic trainer that I met with last week on my A2 Tri time goals.  He said that my swim and run targets were right on, but my bike target was not ambitious enough.  He felt that if I can regain the cycling fitness that I had last year, 45-47 minutes for 14 miles is a reasonable goal.  I'm guessing he's basing that on my one 12-mile time trial, which I did after riding two centuries.  Twelve miles is nothing after riding 100.  But I guess I don't mind the ambitious goal.  So my new target times are:

Ann Arbor Triathlon Goals
Swim 0.5 miles - 20 minutes
Bike 14 miles - 45-47 minutes
Run 5 miles on trail - 45-46 minutes

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