Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seeking Advice: Triathlon Wetsuits

It came to mind today to start looking into renting a wetsuit for the triathlon in June.  I talked to my local Gazelle Sports, and they rent for $30 for the weekend, $60 for the week.

They are also selling their old wetsuits right now for $90.

If I end up doing multiple triathlons, buying a used suit makes good financial sense.  I also like the idea of having the suit available anytime to practice with and get used to.

But having never done a tri before, I'm leary about buying swimming equipment in case I don't end up doing many tri's in the future.  Swimming is not usually my thing outside of the context of triathlon.

What do you think?  Is the $90 used suit a good buy?


  1. Xterra was selling new wetsuits, their Vortex3 model, for $99 just last week; they are triathlon swim specific. I have one and love mine!

  2. Training for my first tri also though its only a sprint. looking at the pricing I say go for the $90.00 suit if its a good brand and in good condition. First how much wear can the used suits actually have ya swim you get out. Things I may look at are the seals (neck and wrist). If youre anything like me youre going to get hooked and do another. But being a newbie these are just my thoughts.

  3. I think triathlon wetsuits help for competitors who may be a bit weak in the swim leg. If you're swimming in warm water, they may be a hindrance though since they may cause you to overheat. It probably is better to rent a suite before making a final decision.