Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life is too short for clean shoes

My husband and I have lots of shoes.  These are just a few.

 These are our new running shoes.  So white and shiny.

If all goes well, in a year, they will look like this.

Let us not shy away from the slush, the mud puddles and the wet grass.  Let us not stay cooped up where it's dry and safe.  Let us seek the soil and the sunlight that let us grow.

Life is too short for clean shoes.


  1. Love it Missy! Just read your blog after I checked the weather for the upcoming week! DUGH! I was released by my suirgeon to ride outdoors now. Will need to take it easy on the shoulders as they will now be working hard vs. in their relaxed fashion on the trainer! So, I was looking for a dry warm day to make my re-entry! lOL. A little opposite approach from yours but next week here will be in the middle 50s upper 60s...let us hope!