Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Timex down!

Ahhh!  I apologize for being completely incommunicado for the past two weeks.  I've had a lot of new responsibilities at work (or at least changes that come along with a new company owner), and I've been swamped.

But I have gotten a couple workouts in despite the busy-ness.  I already talked about running at the hotel during a business trip last week.  I hadn't gotten another workout in since then until last night.

I went to the gym to swim.  As I walked through the door to the pool, I realized that some kind of water arobics class was going on.  That meant that only one lane was open, and someone was already using it.  I was already wet from the pre-swim shower, and I hadn't brought any regular workout clothes with me.  For a moment, I thought I was going to have to dry off and go home with no workout.  Bummer!

But then the arobics class suddenly ended and the pool opened up.  Well, a lane opened up, while the lingering water arobic students stuck around to run up and down the pool in tennis shoes.  Huh.

Then as I stepped into the water, I tried to set the timer on my watch.  I wanted to swim for 20 minutes and see how far I got.  As I was pushing the set buttons, the watch started freaking out!  Seriously.  It started cycling through alien symbols with a flashing indiglo background and making a strange buzzing/grinding noise.  Then it went blank.  Great.

Oh, well.   I just had to use the clock on the wall instead.

So I ended up doing 750 yards in the 20 minutes then continued to complete 900 yards (a little more than the 0.5 mile race distance) in somewhere around 23 minutes.  I don't know how that compares to other tri swimmers, but I'm relatively content knowing that I'll finish the swim portion in under a half hour.

I really hope to get a run and a bike in before the end of the week even as I'm trying to get my house painted before our refi appraisal.  One can hope!

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  1. Hi Missy! I am glad to catch up with you! I too have been very busy rehabbing the shoulder and focusing on the Two Whos new am happy to get back in touch!

    My heart rate monitor died the night before my century in Lake Tahoe last June and in retrospect, I am happy it did bec. if I knew what my heart rate was climbing up those switch backs, I am sure I would have called it an early day. Sometimes, it is better not to know! LOL

    Good luck with your training. After 2 weeks off from the shoulder and now back to business, it feels so good to get back into the saddle in more ways than one!