Monday, January 18, 2010

Laps? In that?!

Last week ended up being a great start as I began to ease into triathlon training.  As my last couple posts detailed, I had a very encouraging swim on Monday.  Then on Tuesday I ran out on the snowy bike path.  And Friday, I spent some time clearing a new space for my bike trainer in my basement and pedalling away 12 miles while watching the first half of Matrix Reloaded.

One workout in each of the three tri sports.

Today, I travelled to Mason, OH with my boss for some meetings in our company's office here.  I'll be here for three days and two nights.  As I was packing, I threw some workout clothes in my bag, so I could take advantage of the hotel's "fitness center" during my free time.

I thought about throwing my bathing suit, goggles and cap in the bag, too.  I was really in the mood for a swim, and thought it would be great to duplicate the one-workout-in-each-discipline routine from last week.  I also get so much more motivated to workout if I'm actually in the mood for one particular exercise or another.  But I thought, no, this is a lower-end hotel.  They won't have a pool.  So I didn't pack my swim gear.

During the 5 hour drive down to Mason, I asked my boss about the hotel's fitness facilities and discovered that they do in fact have a pool.  Darn!  I could have done that swim after all!  I thought about stopping at a WalMart to buy a swimsuit just to do the workout, but I decided that I'd really want goggles and a cap, too, and I just couldn't bring myself to buy a second set of all that stuff.  I was kind of bummed not to be able to swim, but a run on the treadmill or a ride on the exercise bike would suffice.

Well...I did get a chance to workout before dinner this evening.  As I was walking down to the fitness room, I first passed by the entrance to the pool and instantly stopped in my tracks when I saw it.  Then I died laughing.

The pool is triangular in shape and about 15 feet long at it's widest point.  Ha! Ha! Ha!  Can you image me trying to do half a mile's worth of laps in that thing?!  My disappointment in not having a bathing suit was completely replaced by the hilarity of the situation.  I had to take a picture with my phone and send it to the hubby.


After I stopped laughing, I ran 4 miles on the treadmill.  It was a good, light-hearted workout as I stared at the tiny pool through the window of the fitness room.

I'll just have to wait to swim until I get back home later in the week.



  1. I like your new masthead! I'm proud of you for your triathalon goal. I'm too chicken to try one because a.) I'm still a little weak sauce and b.) I'm super terrible at swimming and c.) I have some pretty fierce panic attacks when I feel like I can't breathe. See why swimming is bad for me? I'll take miles over laps any day :)

  2. Next time you book a hotel make sure to check out to make sure you stay at a hotel with a great fitness facility. Also, please be sure to write a review!


  3. Matt - Unfortunately, I don't have a choice of hotels when travelling for work. But for personal travel, I'll definitely check out the site. Thanks for the tip!