Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Running with Chief

The hubby and I have been dog sitting for my in-laws this week.  They have a 2-year-old Malamute that they rescued from a shelter in Illinois a few months ago.  During the drive back to Michigan, he was already showing his personality, so they named him Chief - short for Mischief.  Boy, were they right!

During our stay, Chief has already chewed up my husband's running shoe and his glasses.  Nice.

Malamutes are sled dogs, and as my hubby says, there are two types of sled dogs: the smart ones that lead the pack and the strong, dumb ones that can pull forever.  Chief is the strong, dumb type.  He weighs almost as much as I do, and he's still growing.

This picture is with my in-laws shortly after they got him.  He's even bigger now.  This photo is for real...no doctoring.  Really.  ;)

He has a chew toy that's a red dog.  It reminds me of Clifford.  Very appropriate.

So to keep this cute, dumb, fuzzy monster at bay, I took him out for a 3-mile run with me yesterday.  He's a great running partner.  He stayed by my side pretty well and even pulled me just a little bit up the big hills.  It was cheating, but I didn't care.  Good sled dog!

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  1. Get him a Walkydog and he can go biking too! But be careful! Our pup likes it and so far hasn't crashed us. I decided to do our early trials on a greenway so it's predictably straight and limited traffic.