Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

After a little bit of snow on Friday morning, which melted away quickly, we had some great weather again this weekend.  I was absolutely delighted to go for a run on both Saturday and Sunday.  On Sunday, I worked a trip to the drug store into my loop.  It was fun to get an errand done without driving anywhere.

We've been lucky so far this fall with such mild weather in Michigan.  I know it's only a matter of time before it turns for the worse.  I'm planning to use any money that I get for my birthday and Christmas to buy a new pair of running shoes and a bike trainer, so I can continue to work out indoors.  I'm planning to do a tri probably in June, so I'll have to start training in February or March.  I've been doing a little research on the lower priced trainers - under $300 - but I'd love to try one out before I buy since I've never really used one before.

The Rapid Wheelmen are going to have trainer days at two of the local bike shops during the winter.  I think I'll go to one and see if I can try out some different models.

Does anyone have experience with a trainer that they like in my price range?  What are the pros and cons of the model?

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  1. Hi Missy! When is your birthday?

    I use a Blackburn Trackstand. I really like it. Not sure the price range. It was given to me. You might check bicycling and see if they have reviews of trainers...or go to REI web site and read product review of what they carry or to get some ideas. Mine is sturdy and heavy and I feel confident on it...and that is good for me! Mine has adjustable tension and I think that is important so you can put 1-5 tension on the back wheel.

    The weather here in NM has been frigid...It is 23 in the mornings now. TOO COLD! Had a crash last week that severaly brusied my sacrum so am laying a bit low off the bike. Each day I tell myself I am going to ride and I am still in serious will probably wait until Saturday or so. It threw my whole body out of whack! URGH!

    Hope the nice mild weather contnues for you!