Thursday, October 8, 2009

"I got out..."

I got out for a 12.75 mile bike ride last night.  It wasn't very eventful other than the fact that I had to dress for 50 degree weather, and I cheered a local cross country team as they ran along side me down the Southbelt Trail.  But it was wonderful just getting out for a ride.

"I got out for a ride."  I realized today that I use that phrase a lot.  I got out for this ride, or I got out for that run.  It got me thinging about why those particular words come to mind when I think about my workouts.

I think the significance of the phrase is a combination of things:
  • "I got out for a ride" like "I got to go out for a ride..."  It's a joy and a priviledge - a gift - to ride.
  • "I got out for a run" like "I made it out for a run..."  It's an accomplishment to carve the time out of my schedule - a goal met - to run.
  • "I got out for a ride" like "I got out for a ride..."  I escaped the normal routine of the day and the confines of the climate-controlled, chair-dominated indoors to ride.  I got out the door with my arms raised in a hug for the sky (especially when the sun is in it!) and a big, silly grin on my face.
I feel a little bit of all of these things when I get out for a workout.  I feel free, strong, healthy and happy.  No wonder I keep doing this stuff.


  1. Missy,

    Thanks for stopping-by my blog! Usually, I try to post daily and have pictures but with my "newer" job, I haven't had the enough time to commit as in the past.

    Like yourself, I seek "exciting things to try". In keeping, I am participating, not competing as there is a difference between the two, in my first triathlon on November 8th. I don't have a bike, yet, so it should be interesting! I also took a leap of faith and registered for the '10 Louisville Ironman to fulfill a fifteen year curiosity. I started a new blog to track my progress with a very candid approach. It is at

    Funny, my training partner just emailed with the subject line: "I got a swim in." Too funny, our common training language!

  2. Yea... I need to "get out", too. But first I need to "get well."
    I can totally relate. :-)

  3. I guess it's a little addictive, isn't it :-)