Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall color at work

I couldn't resist taking some photos of the trees outside my office window.  It's been raining and gray for the past few days, but at least the leaves are pretty.

And courtesy of Yehuda:


  1. Beautiful leaves. Unfortunately, it's been gray and rainy the last couple of days for me, too. I can identify with that YM comic!

  2. Hi Missy! It is so good to keep up with you and hear and see all your comings and goings! I don't know what happened to the wway my computer saved my favorites, but each time I checked your site, it still was from the Oct. 8th post and I wondered why you had not written anything! DUGH! to me! So, I went in and saved it differrently and now I hope I can keep up with you better! WOW! as a NYEr I sure do miss all the reds in the leaves...although we have beautiful yellows here in New Mexico! Your trip to Chicago sounds like a blast and it was like I came on the trip with you! Thanks for the pics and sharing your adventures!