Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bike Friendly Grand Rapids

A Bike Friendly City

When I saw this headline referring to Grand Rapids, I thought, "What?  Really?  Not a single bike lane and we get named a bike friendly city?"

Grand Rapids is "one of 15 cities to earn the title this fall from the League of American Bicyclists."

But as I read the article's explanation about improving conditions for cyclists and the hundreds of miles of bike paths that already exist in and around the city, I said, "OK...yah.  You're right!  We are making progress around here.  Awesome!"

Keep it up Grand Rapids!


  1. For a friend who asked me to plug his business. Most of you can ignore this comment.'s my blog, I can comment if I want to! ;)

  2. DC is getting more cyclists... but I do not think it is getting any more cycling friendly