Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not the weekend I expected

The plan for this Labor Day weekend was to drive to Detroit to visit my dad for a couple days, then come back home and get in a couple good workouts, some motorcycle riding and a lawn mowing. Things didn't work out exactly like that.

The hubby and I got a call Friday night from a good college friend saying that he and his wife had lost their newborn baby. The funeral was going to be Saturday morning in Toledo, OH. So we drove to Detroit, spent the night at my dad's house and got up early to drive to Toledo for the funeral. It was so sad.

Once we got back to my dad's house, we had a pretty good time. We BBQ'ed, played cards, went bowling and visited my grandparents. On the down side, Grandpa is progressing into dementia and is getting physically weaker. It's a big stress on my grandma and my dad. I was glad to visit them while I had the chance.

On Sunday, we drove back home and did some grocery shopping, then hit the sack tired from the travel and emotional drains of the weekend.

Monday, my in-laws came over on their motorcycle and we all went for a ride. That was my longest time on the bike yet, and it was fun! My hubby said the funniest thing about me riding motorcycles - I'm now the boy that my parents always warned me about. LOL I thought that was hilarious! I also got a 4 mile run in on Monday. But I never got on my bicycle during the whole weekend. I didn't get to the long-overdue lawn mowing either. The weekend just wasn't long enough.

Looking at my inadequate workout schedule these past couple weeks, I'm beginning to feel like I may not be ready by the time the duathlon rolls around. My bike stamina decreases each week that I only get in the saddle once - if that. Running longer than three miles feels crappy, and I know it will take running nearly every day to get stronger at 5 and 6 mile distances. I really want to do the Dunes Duathlon, but I want to complete it feeling strong, not out-of-shape. I know I can get my fitness back up, but in two and a half weeks? I'm not so sure right now. It might have to wait till next year.

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