Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mark your calendars - Grand Rapids Tweed Ride

First, I really want to report on my great day yesterday. I commuted by bike to work - 7.3 miles. Then, since my hubby was out of town and he already saw the movie "9", which I've been eager to see, I went to the film by myself. "9" was fun, but not everything I had hoped for. The end was particularly weak compared to the rest of the film. Then after the movie, I ran 5 miles. Running at night seems to be the key to a great run for me. Maybe it's the coolness of the air and a preceding day full of hydration. My hope is that the morning of the duathlon will be about the same temperature, and I'll feel just as good. So I got to both ride my bike and run yesterday - good day!

Speaking of the duathlon, my co-worker and his wife have been training all summer for the Reeds Lake Triathlon, which took place this past Saturday. They were both disappointed to have to stop during the swim, so I think I may have talked them into doing the Dunes Duathlon as a way to take advantage of all the training they've been doing. Soooo...even though I've been feeling pretty iffy about doing the duathlon myself, I may do it anyway since they're going to be there. I figured, if I can get some good workouts in this week and take it easier next week, I should be OK by the 26th. Not great - not the kind of shape I had hoped to be in - but OK. So I'm leaning back toward doing the race. If I can keep having runs like the one last night, I think I'll have fun out on the dunes.

And finally! The most exciting part of this post...

I've been reading about the Tweed Rides in Chicago over at Let's Go Ride a Bike, and I've been really jealous that I can't go to them. They sound like so much fun! Dressing up in wool like fancy English men and women and riding around the city with fellow cyclists, eating and drinking at the pubs...what a blast!

Well, Cupcakerator, another GR bike lover, informed me of our very own Grand Rapids Tweed Ride taking place on Saturday, October 3 at 4:00pm, riding from The Winchester (I can't help but think of "Shawn of the Dead" whenever I hear that name) to HopCat.

(Photo is from Let's Go Ride a Bike from the first Chicago Tweed Ride.)

October 3rd is my hubby's birthday, so maybe I can talk him into doing the ride as part of our celebrations!

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  1. Yes, you should totally do the Grand Rapids Tweed Ride! It's so much fun. I would love to see pictures. The most recent Chicago Tweed Ride was the same day and area as the annual Germanfest parade, so a lot of pepole thought we were part of that - very funny :)