Friday, September 18, 2009

Bike path: tunnel of blackness

After running again Wednesday night (about 4 miles), I was eager to do a good solid bike ride last night. I wanted to do either a 25 mile ride to get a little distance in or a 17 mile ride working on maintaining a good, hard pace.

While I did go for a bike ride last night, I didn't actually meet either of those goals. By the time I got out on the trail, it was so dark that my little bike light barely dented the black. I could be seen, but I couldn't see! Every time I rounded a corner, I yelled "bike coming!" just in case someone was doing some spy-like stealthy dog walking ahead or a deer was thinking about darting out across the path.

So, after about 7 agonizingly slow miles of debating between riding the super dark bike path and the illuminated but scary roads, I decided that neither was a good idea and gave up on getting a good work out.

I'm sure this weekend will offer an opportunity to ride, though!

Maybe you all can weigh in on another debate in my mind. Yesterday, I felt like I might be getting a cold. It's not bad yet - just a little sniffle. With the duathlon just slightly over a week away, I feel like I need to do some good training. However, I don't want to push too hard if it means that I end up sick for the race. Resting could be the better choice. How would you balance rest and training this week?

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  1. I always go with the stay-home-for-a-day-and-see-how-you-feel approach, but I'm not doing heavy-duty training. A Google search for "athlete training when sick" seems to bring up quite a bit of advice though. Good luck!

    Nicely put about the lights. I just attached lights to my bike too, which give great peace of mind in the low light of morning or evening. But yes, it sure takes powerful equipment to actually light up the road ahead!