Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Almost duathlon day

Not much to report today. I ran 3 miles last night. I'm tired today, so I think I might take tonight off - ride motorcycles with my hubby - and maybe do my last pre-duathlon workout tomorrow. Then I'll take Friday off and be fresh and ready Saturday morning!

It's also official - my coworker and his wife are doing the race. It'll be encouraging to have someone else I know out there doing the course. When I told my father-in-law that I was doing the Dunes Duathlon, he said, "Oh! That's a hard run! Lots of hills and sand." I was like, "Thanks for the encouragement, Dad!" Just what I needed. ;)

But I feel ready for the race. Not really ready, but I-can-finish-it ready. I'm actually looking forward to it. Now to ward off the forecasted thunder showers...

Dunes Duathlon - September 26, 9:30am, Saugatuck Dunes State Park