Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pulse urban concept bike

I don't blog about products very often, but Urban Velo had a blurb about this Pulse urban concept bike by Teague, and I thought it was pretty cool. The original article is on core77.

I think the frame design is a great idea, and the fact that the frame and turn signals light up is awesome. I also like the look of the bike quite a bit. The only thing I would wish for is more of a light in the front and back for night time. I wonder what the power source is for the lights and how easily one could get their feet in the pedal cages.

If the price was right, I think this would be a really fun bike for city commuting.


  1. That could double as a work of art. Very cool.

  2. Very nice bike. If I ever buy a second bike, it would be a commuter ... something casual to ride around town and run errands. With this one, it looks like you can really commute in style. Thanks for pointing it out!