Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mountain Biking with the Hubs

Last night, my husband and I went out to Cannonsburg SGA (which is where I rode with my co-workers last week) and road the 8 miles of mountain bike trail. It was really a blast! I took some of the obstacles that I had to stop for last week, so I was happy to have improved just a little.

There were still three main spots that I stopped for again this time but that I want to conquer:
- One stream crossing that is a few feet deep and lined with rocks
- One long, twisting, rooty uphill
- One step off a root going downhill that drops about 14 inches

If anyone has technique suggestions for these obstacles, please share them!

My husband had one additional obstacle to overcome - his front wheel almost came off! When he realized what was happening, only the brake was holding it on. I don't know how it came loose from the quick release, but fortunately, it did not come completely off sending him over the handlebars into a tree!

It was fun mountain biking with the hubs because there are few sports where we have relatively equal skill and ability, and mountain biking seems to be one of them. He is braver and stronger than me, but I am lighter and probably have better endurance (riding centuries will do that, I guess ;) ). If he wanted to get good at it, I'm sure he would surpass me. But for now, it's an activity that we can do together and share a similar level of challenge and thrill.

After riding, we shared a meatball sub from Subway and saw The Hurt Locker. Really intense movie! Really well done. It's about a team of American bomb diffuser specialists in Iraq. The intensity of the trail seemed almost non-existent compared to the job those men have to do.

So riding a trail turned into a whole date night of fun activities for me and my hubby. Yay!

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