Monday, August 17, 2009

More running

I didn't get out for a ride yesterday like I'd hoped, but I did get my hubby to join me for a run. There's a loop around our "block" that measures out to a little less than a mile, and we ran it three times. The down side is the complete lack of shade. And jeez was it hot! And humid. Yuck!

Ever since a couple weeks ago when I ran 5-6 miles and felt it in my hips for a couple days, I've been thinking about working more running back into my workouts. I read in Bicycling magazine that biking does wonders for strengthening your gluts (muscles in the back), but it really neglects your hip flexors (muscles in the front). I can see that, since I definitely spend more energy pushing my thighs and knees down than I do pulling them up when I pedal.

One of the things I've also liked about cycling is the reduced impact of the exercise on my knees. However, I've read that that lack of impact is not so good for bone density and spinal health. So maybe some cross training will balance things out. The old maxim about "everything in moderation" seems to prove itself over and over again.

Has anyone else experienced something similar, and what did you do about it?

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  1. My husband runs a lot and rides his bike, but I've stopped running because it's all too much on my legs. I need my legs to get me to and from work first and foremost. I'd rather spend my time doing yoga. I know I need more impact for bone density but haven't figured out what to do about it yet. Interestingly, my husband used to get a lot of knee injuries from running, but since he's started bike commuting, he hasn't gotten any knee injuries.