Thursday, August 6, 2009

In memory of Susan Nelson. WIN!

For the past year or so, since I've begun getting more serious about biking and have started getting to know the worldwide community of cyclists through blogs and websites, one of the people who has always stood out to me is Elden Nelson, the Fat Cyclist.

I look forward to reading his blog every day. He is a talented writer - funny, caring, honest and touching. He not only shares fun stories about biking but also the real stuff of his life. He has also raised tons of money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation to fight cancer and has inspired so many others to join in fighting that horrific disease.

Fatty's powerful source of inspiration has been his wife, Susan. Susan has been battling cancer for a long time now. And last night, her fight ended. But as Fatty says, she did not lose! She led the charge. The fight will rage on with Susan's relentless determination and generous heart inspiring thousands of Team Fatty members, blog fans and cancer haters all over the country.

Please go send Fatty some words of love today, and if you can, help Team Fatty fight cancer by joining the team or donating to one of the members.

In memory of Susan Nelson. WIN!

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  1. I follow him too... was sad to read the news, but I am totally in awe of him and am inspired by his strength at such a time like this.