Friday, August 21, 2009

Crazy Crosswind

The women's group ride last night was fortunate to avoid the rain that seems to threaten us all the time now. I guess fall is coming. Where did the summer go? Anyway, last night was just beautiful for a ride - 75F and sunny, with a cool breeze.

Actually, the breeze was more of a series of strong gusts. Somehow we managed to ride a route that only had one section really riding into the face of the wind. That section happened to be uphill, too, of course. But the rest of the time was a little crazy! Riding through farm country with the big open fields and few trees for shelter...when the cross wind gusted, it would push my bike sideways! Always toward the center of the road, it seemed. It felt like the wind just grabbed my handlebars and jerked. It kinda freaked me out.

But we finished our 26 mile ride safely, and rolled back into the bike shop parking lot under darkening skies. It's getting dark earlier. Time to put the lights back on my bike. (Speaking of which, one of the women had a cool saddle with a light integrated right into it. I have trouble figuring out how to mount my rear light with my bag under my saddle. This saddle solved the issue handily! It might be this one, found on Nashbar.)

After the ride, we all piled into the bar/deli above the bike shop and enjoyed drinks, dinner and conversation. It was a good night.

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  1. The Planet Bike Super Flash comes with mounting brackets that allow it to be attached easily to the rear seat stays. And it's crazy bright with a very noticable flash pattern. It's definitely the rear light of choice here in Portland. I'd think it'd be much more visible than the little light that goes with that saddle, especially if you're happy with your current saddle!