Friday, July 10, 2009

Riding partner

The women's group ride last night was a shorter ride than usual - 25 miles - but it was a hilly one!

After the ride, I knew the hubby was playing Left4Dead with his buddies, so I stuck around to have dinner with the girls at the Schnitz Deli above Ada Bike Shop. It was a great time to get to know each other. I had a black and blue burger and a bottle of Breckenridge Vanilla Porter:

Both were yummy! This shows that my taste in beer is changing. I never liked the darker beers before, but now I'm trying several and really enjoying them!

I'm super excited because one of the women I've been riding with at the group ride is almost certainly going to do the Holland Hundred with me! We have connected well and often end up chatting through entire rides. I know having her as a riding companion for a century will be great!

Some of the women from the Priority Health race team also invited us to a criterium this Saturday in Kalamazoo. They said it is a good one to try for your first time because it's a wider course, so the cornering isn't so intense. I'm actually interested in trying it out! Unfortunately, I can't make it this Saturday. Maybe I'll have to try another one some time. This has truly been a summer of cycling firsts for me, and I'm still hungry to try more new things!

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