Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not enough

I just read Lunicycle's entry for today, and I really empathized.

The weather forecast for this whole week is beautiful! 70s and 80s F and sunny until Friday. That's the stuff! So, I decided to ride my bike in to work yesterday.

The ride in was cool and got me moving, which is a definite bonus before sitting down to stare at my computer all day. The hubby and I had an appointment after work, which was only about a mile from my job, so I rode over to that, too. Unfortunately, due to time restraints, my bike was loaded into the back of my hubby's car for the drive home.

I only got to ride 5.2 miles total. Not enough!

My body wanted to move more than that after work (due to all the sitting and staring at my computer that I mentioned before). But I lucked out. We got a short run in before heading off to the Grand Rapids City Counsel meeting, which the hubby needed to attend for his job.

Still, I will not be satisfied until I get to ride more!

(On a side note, I was surprised and excited when one of the commissioners at the GR City Counsel meeting proposed discussion on new laws related to bike helmets and careless drivers! He was concerned after a cyclist was killed by a truck this summer on the morning of our Ride of Silence. His attitude was that there are more and more people in the city riding bikes. If we truly want to become a bicycle friendly city, maybe we should start exploring laws to increase the safety and awareness of the public.

Our mayor is a strong advocate for cyclists in GR, and now it sounds like we have another one! I look forward to seeing what comes of his suggestions.)

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  1. Thanks for the nod, Missy. I can sympathize with you, though I probably managed about 7 nmiles and am trying desperately to figure out how to squeeze in a few miles today.