Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Le Tour

I don't have TV reception at home, so I've been following the Tour de France online. This has consisted mostly of checking the standings at the end of each stage, reading people's blog entries on the subject, and recently, reading my first live blog on I'm evolving.

I had heard that shows live video of the race, but I haven't been able to get the video to work. I've been dying to see the high speed action of professional cyclists pedalling faster up the sides of mountains than I do on flats.

Well, finally today I got the free video option working, and it was so cool! If you haven't seen any video of Le Tour yet, you should really check it out at They also show some helpful information throughout each stage which makes the action easier to follow: where the riders are in the ranks, distance, speed, a course map, an elevation chart and some brief commentary.

I didn't think watching a bike race could be so interesting. But this is the biggest, baddest bike race of them all, right?


  1. That's right ... the biggest race, and the best! I've written a few posts about the Tour on my blog, which I've listed on the right sidebar. I also signed up for the Versus online coverage, and I agree ... it's so cool. It's such a treat when the TdF begins each July.


  2. Also, you can get live updates in real time (text, no video, but still better than nothing) at or

    The IT people at work get upset if you watch streaming video - eats up the bandwidth - so I have to make do with the descriptions of what's going on.

    I got to watch stages of the Tour de Georgia in person twice - saw a finish, saw a start, saw some mountain work - stood in line to see Lance, Floyd and Levi and got a chance to meet and talk with both Bob Roll and Phil Liggett. That was a lot of fun.