Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Timetrial

As anticipated, I completed my first time trial last night! I was actually very happy with my time for the 12-mile course. It was super windy on the way back, so I tried to go as fast as I could on the way out and keep my pace as close to that as possible on the way back. I talked to myself a lot - "You can do it! Keep it up! Give me everything you've got left!" I rode almost entirely in my drops, too, which is unusual for me. I need to get the bike shop to adjust my brake levers, so I can reach them from the drops.

Anyway...I finished in 37:16 (that's about a 19.1mph average). I've never ridden so hard for an extended period of time in my life! But it was great!

I'm confident that I have room to improve, but I'm quite proud of my first attempt at a TT.

After everyone had finished the course, the organizer gathered us around to announce our times. She said, "First time rider, Melissa Hansen...37:16. Have you been racing?"

"No, I've never raced. I've done a couple centuries."

"How many years have you been riding?"

"This is my first."

"Wow! Two centuries in your first year!"

I felt so proud of myself.


  1. Congratulations! I think your time was great! And now you have a target to shoot for if you want to. Nice.

  2. You always excel at anything you set your mind to. Great job! Congrats!

  3. Wow, great job! Congratulations!