Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bailed out on

The hubby and I had lunch with some family Friday afternoon, and his Aunt Lisa and I planned to ride the Musketawa Trail together Saturday morning. I was very excited to ride the 50 mile route with someone!

So Saturday morning, I got myself and my bike ready and drove to the trail head. It was grey and possibly rainy looking, but I didn't care. I was going for a ride. If a storm came up, I figured we'd just turn around and ride back to the shelter of our cars. Slightly damp but not far from home. No biggie. So, after waiting about 15 minutes with no sign of Aunt Lisa, I gave her a call. Apparently she had left a message for me...on the hubby's phone. I didn't think to check that before leaving home.

So anyway she bailed out on me. I respect that she was willing to admit why she bailed, though. She said, "I'm a total priss, and I really hate riding in the rain." lol

Since I was already at the trail head, I decided to get my ride in anyway. Which was great! I felt a few drops of rain for about a minute and half, and that was it. It stayed grey the whole time, but I was able to do the whole 49.5 in just a little more than 3 hours. I was pretty happy with my 16.1mph pace.

That will probably be my last really long ride before the Holland Hundred. I should get out for more shorter rides, though.

I love my bike!


  1. yeah. i want to ride that 50 mile loop. esp. with someone. so I found a century ride for us in September. Keep in mind at least. I think ill have to facebook stalk you and see if you are on there. because it woudl be easier to communicate about this. lol. Sept 27.2009 in Three Oaks, Mi.

    I dont really know how far that is from you. but its about 2 hrs from me. and id be willing to go. but we can still look for ones around GR. sense its 2 hrs to GR for me too. :D

  2. I used to avoid riding in the rain too ... but now I enjoy it every once in a while. If I clean my bike immediately after I get home, then everything still seems to work just as well the next day.

    Good luck on your next century!