Monday, July 27, 2009

Another first

Before digging back into some house painting yesterday (after weeks of not working on it - hey, it's hard to want to work inside when it's so nice outside!), I road an easy 16 miles just to stay loose for another biking first for me tonight - my first time trial!

The Rapid Wheelmen host an out and back, 12-mile time trial every Monday through the summer. My in-laws have been doing this time trial nearly weekly for the past few years. They've been asking me to come check it out, and this is the first time that interest and schedule have aligned to make it happen for me. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also a little nervous.

It's not a long course, so I'm totally confident in being able to finish it. But I don't generally ride to go as fast as I can through an entire route. When I ran, I was not a sprinter but a long distance runner. When I bike, I am not a sprinter either. So I will try to maintain what feels like a hard pace but something I can keep up for 12 miles. I have no idea how hilly the course is or what condition the roads are in. So it is all another mysterious adventure! We'll see how it goes!

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