Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer is here at last!

Monday was a hot but excellent bike commute to work. It's been in the mid- to upper 80s F all week and over 90 F today! That's pretty warm for Michigan! It's finally summer!

I've been trying to be careful about watering my garden on these balmy summer days. Most of the seeds I planted in May got eaten by sneaky little roguish birds. All that came up were some zucchini and lettuce, so my hubby bought me some already started plants - various peppers, cucumbers and various tomatoes. The only thing missing is some green beans, but I think I can live without them. There's no more room for them in the garden anyway. Now that I actually have growth, I need to be sure those plants get lots of cool water! I can't wait for veggies!

Speaking of cool... We made our first tubing trip of the year down the Thornapple River Monday night. Yah! That is such a fun and relaxing way to cool off after work. I highly recommend river tubing, if you've never tried it!

Unfortunately, our new house doesn't have central air, so we've been sleeping in the basement until we can get one of our window air conditioners installed. We almost finished that last night - just a little more insulating around the window and we'll have a cooler upstairs!

Back to biking, though. The Holland Hundred is only three weeks away, and I haven't gotten a long ride in (or much riding at all, for that matter) since the 100 Grand. The women's group riders tell me that the Holland Hundred is a flat course, so it's easier than the 100 Grand. If I get a 50 miler in this weekend, I'll feel better about having kept up my fitness for another century. Lots of water and sunscreen, here I come!