Friday, June 12, 2009

More on the 100 Grand

The photographer at the 100 Grand caught Cat and I riding into the first rest stop. I think it's a cute pic! I've always wondered what I look like on the bike...I guess the answer is tall and skinny.

I was also wondering if anyone has experienced soreness or weakness in their hands after a long ride. My hands were a little sore for a couple days, and my left hand felt weak when I tried to pinch or squeeze things. Am I squeezing my handlebars too much? Am I putting pressure on the wrong places on my hands? I'm not overly concerned about this, since I don't ride that kind of mileage all the time, but if it's something I can correct in the future, that'd be great! I appreciate your advice!


  1. Fun picture, and congrats on the century! Looks like you had a lot of fun, -- you and your friend both look great on a bike.

  2. I have the same problem with shorter rides myself. Often I find myself gripping the bars too tight (why? no clue)or my hands start getting tingly. I put gel grips/tape on the bars and I have gel gloves too. The best thing is to just keep moving your hands around every so often from the bars to the hooks to the brake hoods, etc. And just rest your hands easy on the bars...just try to be conscious of what your hands are doing. Easier said than done for me too. When I get into a ride I often find myself gripping the bars tightly for no reason. I think I do that on the steering wheel of my car too...and also with a pen. Guess I have Grip Issues. LOL

  3. Have you had a proper bike set up done? It could be that you are reaching to far forward, which causes you to put too much pressure on your hands. How good is your core strength? You should be able to ride with your hands just resting on the handlebars. I agree with what Linda suggested: Try and change your hand position often during the ride.

    Oh, and well done on the ride. It looks like you had great fun!

  4. hand/wrist pain is a classic issue with upright riders. the arms are holding up the weight of the upper body.