Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Will I make it?

The bike shop is still waiting on delivery of some of the parts they ordered for my road bike. They expect to get everything in this week some time. Four weeks to the race and still no road bike. My longest ride has still only been 40 miles, and that was three weeks ago.

Am I going to make it? Will I be ready for the 100 Grand?

There's another century in Holland, MI in July. I could just forget about the 100 Grand and shoot for that one, but I'm really determined to stick with my original plan. Ready or not. Plus I registered for it yesterday. I'm locked in! Oops! LOL


  1. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Go for it. Legs have memory. Even if you put in lower mileage it will be better than nothing.

  2. Stick with it! You'd be surprised what the body can do.

  3. you'll make it. keep riding the mountain bike and when you finally get back on your road bike, you'll feel so fast and light that you'll be able to just keep going and going :)

    i'm hoping to do a 80 miler next weekend and haven't done anything longer than 25-30 since last summer. i might be nuts though.

  4. Yes, you will make it. Period. A century ride becomes equal parts psychological and physical. If you have the will, you can make it.

    Go for it Missy!