Friday, May 29, 2009

Lost in the riding

Last night was the weekly women's group ride - 26.5 miles under grey but not rainy skies.

I have to say that my legs were tired yesterday. Though I kept up with the group, I didn't feel like the same powerhouse that I did last week. We all have those days, though, I know! It was about 55 degrees out - you never know what you're going to get for weather in May in Michigan. One day it will be 75F and sunny, the next day it will be 50F and raining. You gotta love it, or you'll go crazy! The cool air made my nose runny, and because it was grey enough not to drive my car in sunglasses, I forgot to put them on before the ride. I kept getting specs of dust and bugs in my eyes. What a pain!

Still, none of those minor annoyances took away the shear fun of the ride!

I love chit-chatting with the ladies while we ride. However at one point, one of the girls pointed out, "Hey! You're really quiet back there!" I realized that I was just lost in the peace and escape of biking. It's such a relief to have nothing to think about but swooping down the road. Sure, I often had to focus pretty intensely on not hitting the tire in front of me...or a car...or a giant, man-eating pot hole. But there are still moments of just pedalling. Just flying.



  1. Well, no wonder you didn't feel all that powerful. You were riding the bike while your nose was running. If your eyes also had been swimming, your body would have been doing its own triathlon.

  2. The "peace and escape of just biking" is golden. I often have this kind of experience when I'm bicycle commuting. I'm usually riding by myself so I get plenty of moments of absorbing the environment around me (sights, sounds, smells) and thinking about things.

    (All while keeping a SHARP eye on traffic, pot holes, etc.!)

  3. Your posts really make me want to get a road bike and try myself out - vroom, vroom!