Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Over my Memorial Day weekend, I only ended up riding a short 18 mile ride instead of the long 60 mile ride I should have done. Oh well! I may not have made much growth as a cyclist this weekend, but I'm hoping for another kind of growth as a result of my labors.

I finally got my vegetable garden planted! It's a little late perhaps (I planted seeds, not plants), but I don't care as long as the veggies grow. I can't wait to have fresh tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, green beans and zuchini from my back yard!


  1. A ride is a ride is a ride so 18 miles is fine. Sounds like your garden will be full of good things soon!

  2. I'd love to grow some vegetables this year. I'm going to look for some lettuce to put in a big pot on my back porch after we get back from California next week.

  3. Wow, only 18 miles? What a slacker. ;-) I was feeling good for riding about 10 on Monday! Count me in among the people jealous of your garden. The only thing I don't like about my condo is not having a yard to plant anything.