Friday, May 22, 2009

Feeling strong

The ladies' group ride last night was great, as usual! I met my goal of riding with the lead group this week. I don't have any idea whether they rode more easily than last week or not. I had to work at a few points to keep up, but I did it! I was very happy with myself.

After the 28 mile ride, about a dozen of us hit a sandwich shop for dinner. I told one of the women that I had only recently started biking, and she was impressed and said that I was a strong biker. That made me feel really affirmed!

I also met a woman named Tracy who doesn't live too far from me. We exchanged numbers so we can ride together some time!

I told my hubby that the group ride is probably the funnest activity I go to all week, and he asked me why. It was hard to explain! It's just such a cool experience! But I'd have to say that the following things contribute to my feeling of enjoyment:

- I get to ride my bike;
- I get to socialize with some interesting and zany women;
- I feel like I fit in with a group that has similar interests;
- I get to ride fast, and I push myself harder than when I ride alone;
- I'm developing a sense of confidence in my riding ability;
- It feels safer to ride with a group of people;
- When we're all chugging along in a pack, weaving and pushing up hills...even though we're close to each other, it feels somehow comfortable;
- We get to have good food and drinks afterward.

How can you beat that?


  1. "How can you beat that"? - do it more often ;-)

    You are easily on your way to your Century - just beware, once you do one, there is no turning back.


  2. Nice list. Reminds me of my list of things I got out of running (laid up with an injry for the last 8 months). My biking is mostly commuting but I've enjoyed getting to know some like-minded people lately - that whole fitting in thing is kinda under acknowledged by most people, I think. I didn't notice how important it was to me until after we relocated and no longer had my group of running mates.