Thursday, May 14, 2009

Biking as preparation for kickball

My hubby and I have a plethora of outdoor hobbies when the temps finally rise in the spring - biking, running, frisbee golf, geocaching, tennis, river tubing, roller blading...and recently kickball!

One of our good friends works in technology at a charter school company, and his fun-loving co-workers have organized a kickball team. Last night was the first game of our second season playing with them on a local kickball league. Before last year's season, none of us had played kickball since grade school! It is so much fun to play as an adult. I'm much more confident and coordinated than I used to be.

I was a little nervous before the game last night, because last year I pulled a quad muscle while sprinting to first base in one of the season's early games. That was not a fun experience, and it made me feel old. ;)

But I think all the bike riding I've been doing warmed up my legs for the challenge this year! No injuries this time...just some warm rain and cold beer after the game. And we won - what a way to start the season!

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