Friday, April 17, 2009

What to do?

This week, I talked to the insurance company of the woman who hit me with her car on Saturday. I also got the post-crash assesment back from my bike shop. Now I have to decide what to try to push the insurance company for.

Even though the frame seems to be ok, the total cost for the component repairs needed to get my bike back to its pre-crash condition is more than what I paid for the bike. I could do fewer repairs, but then I'd have a functional but scratched up bike, and it would still cost almost as much as I paid for the bike. The scratches on the shifters aren't just an eye sore either. They have sharp, jagged edges sticking up! Or I could make the argument that a replacement bike is in order (along with the wheel upgrade that came on my bike when I bought it). The bike shop has the 2009 version of my bike in stock. Or if the insurance company wants to look for a 2005-2008 model, I would be fine with that. If they could do it fast.

I'm pretty torn because a new bike would be in perfect condition, guaranteed safe and cosmetically flawless, but I've developed quite an attachment to the one I have. It took me a long time to save up for it. I spent a lot of hours searching craigslist and ebay and researching bike models and components. I've got this bike fitted to me, and I'm getting used to how it feels. I enjoy riding it. It's even the color that I wanted.

It sounds like the insurance company - of course - is going to push for the bare minimum. For "reasonable repairs" taking into account the "value of the bike when I purchased it." Arg. I'm going to have to stand up for myself here. I have a full carbon racing bike, not a Wal-Mart Huffy. I need the bike to train for a race in a month. I feel hoity-toity saying stuff like that, but it's actually completely true. I think I'll get some help from my lawyer brother-in-law. Heh heh heh.

In any case, I want a functional bike now! I need to train. I want to ride! I miss my bike!


  1. Push for the new bike if replacement costs are more than a new one, it's going to be the easier route...

  2. Push for the new bike if repair costs are higher than what you paid...