Monday, April 27, 2009

Summery day

It was beautiful on Friday! 80 degrees F and sunny. I knew it was going to rain all weekend, so I had to get out for a ride even though I was in the middle of painting my living room. I did a little over 17 miles on the mountain bike. I guess a few short rides in a week is better than no rides!

It was so nice to actually feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.

I've always wanted to try taking one of those shots of my shadow while riding, so here it is.

And here's the Southbelt Trail. The grass is getting greener! You can see M-6 running along to the right of the trail.

I also saw the cutest family out for a run on the trail. It was a new mom and dad with their dog and one of those running strollers. The baby in the stroller was propped up on both sides with pillows and looked like a lounging queen with two arms resting on her cushioned throne! She also had on a cute, frilly bonnet and turned to look at me as I rode by. Everyone was smiling. What a great family exercise outing!

I mentioned painting my living room... My time this summer will largely be split between biking and updating the house that my hubby and I bought this winter. Now that it's nicer out, we're finally getting into some of the projects that need to be done to repair and redecorate. Here's the living room, which I painted this week. I still need to paint the register cover, some pieces of molding, the two windows and the light fixture, but I think it's looking like it belongs in this decade again - unlike when we bought the house! I like the color! I'll just add some red curtains and furniture, and voila! Bedroom number 1 is next...

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