Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ready to ride!

I took my new bike in to the shop last night, and it is now ready to ride! I got the pedals installed, the seat adjusted and a shorter stem put on. The quick release on my rear wheel was not locking down tightly, so they threw in a new one for free. I also picked up a multi tool (I didn't have any metric hex wrenches at home), a spare tube and some new bar tape. All this for about a third of the cost that I expected. Score!

Now all I have left to do is put the new bar tape on and get a computer for it. I planned on buying a cheap computer that shows distance, speed, average speed and time - like the one on my mountain bike. But the shop guy suggested I get one that measures cadence, too. We'll see. I'm going to see what's in stock at Meijer over my lunch hour.

I am so eager to ride the bike! Weather, oh wheather...please get nice!

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