Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One mistake...

I picked up a pair of Pearl Izumi women's gel cycling gloves yesterday on my lunch hour and was eager to try them out this morning on my second commute to work of the year...the first on my new bike! I'll need to ride more miles to report on how the pads in the gloves work out. But the funny thing is that the gloves actually turned out to be my one mistake this morning.

When I stepped outside to check the temperature, it felt chilly but not too bad. I dressed appropriately, and was comfortable throughout the ride to work. Except for my fingers. The gel gloves are the kind without finger tips. When I started riding and the air started blowing over my little digits, I thought I was going to have to treat frost bite when I arrived at the office! My fingers actually hurt a little for a few hours even after I warmed up! Sigh. It's 52 degrees F out now at 3:30pm, but I guess it's still cold enough in the mornings to need full gloves on top of the padded gloves.

On the up side, I'm looking forward to riding to an appointment after work and then back home! The total round trip today should come out somewhere around 11 miles. Maybe I can get a few more miles in by talking my husband and our friend into riding to the gym! Wish me luck!

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  1. Luck!

    My fingers are always cold, except in the summer. Even if it's a mild spring day, I still need gloves. Sorry to hear about your finger mishap.