Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Getting used to it

I got out for another short ride with Slick on Saturday - 15.6 miles. I'm still having the stress on my hands and neck, but I think I'll just get used to that as I ride the road bike more. My muscles will get stronger, and maybe I'll try some of those riding gloves with the gel pads in the palms.

It's funny because my friend, Jair, rides an awesome crotch rocket motorcycle, and he said that he experienced the same physical stresses when he started riding it in that leaned-over position.

It's supposed to be nice out the rest of this week, so I'm hoping to ride to work a few times. Then I need to get a long ride in this weekend to get back on the training wagon. I'm two weeks behind now!


  1. The neck/shoulder discomfort will go away in time. Just hang in there.

    Definitely get yourself some gloves. :)

  2. Good to hear your new bike adventures :) The stress probably is because of the new position, but try messing around with the bar height and angle (which you probably already have). There was a lot of stress on my wrists today so I had my bike shop adjust my bars and I'm now pain free.

  3. Just discovered your blog and have been enjoying it! I also thought you might find the following articles on my cycling blog helpful since you're training for a Century ride.


    Ride safe!