Sunday, March 15, 2009

HopCat Alley Cat

Saturday the hubby and I rode in the HopCat Alley Cat race. This was a blast! An alley cat is like a scavenger hunt on bikes. We rode about 20 miles around down town Grand Rapids figuring out our clues and completing our tasks - one of which was to drink a beer and eat a twinkie. What fun! We finished somewhere around the second third of the riders. We rode mountain bikes, which are a great advantage in many cases - going over grass, curbs, pot holes - but are definitely slower than skinny-tired road bikes.

After the race, we joined the crowd in HopCat for local brews and lunch. The best part of the day for me was meeting people from some of the local bike clubs. They offered to help me find the right road bike and gear (thanks, Craig!) and told me about a women's group ride on Thurday nights starting in May (thanks, Kim!). It was great to chit chat with other people who are interested in bikes and riding.

Some of the group planned a four bar hop for the rest of the afternoon - all on bikes! We joined them for the first stop at the new Founders location, then headed home. Josh and I were pretty pooped at that point! But we both had a great time and hope to get some friends to come with us next year!

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  1. Alley Cats are fun and it's really nice to meet many other cyclists. Similar with Critical Mass. It's just cool to be part of a big crowd of cyclists.