Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Test rides

On the advice of the folks I met at the Alley Cat, I'm planning to make the rounds to some of the recommended bike shops this weekend to do some road bike test rides. I've read a lot about different bike builds and components, so I have some idea what I think would fit my riding style best. But I don't know what any of them actually feel like. Upright position v. more tucked position. Using the hood v. top bar v. drops. Aluminum v. carbon v. everything else. Clipless pedals... Wow! I'm be taking notes on what I like and don't like and finding out what kind of quality I can get for my price range.

While I greatly look forward to a bike that is lighter than my Rockhopper, I think the one below would be taking total weight a little to the extreme.

by Nikolai Aldunin, Master of Miniatures

I'll report on what I learn when I get back from the shops!

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