Friday, March 13, 2009

My brain tricked me into riding

My friend Cat and I planned to hang out after work yesterday. So on my way home from the office, I gave her a call, and we made a plan to meet for dinner in Holland, MI (about 30 miles away) at 6:00. This was at a little before 5:00.

My brain somehow thought that I had to get there at 6:30 and planned me to leave a little before 6. I was excited because this meant that I had time to put some air in my bike tires, lube the chain and take a short ride! I did get to ride about 6 miles, and boy did it feel good!

Then I happily changed my clothes and hopped in the car.

About a mile from my house, Cat called to say that she was going to be a little late. I figured if I got there before her, I'd just get a table and a drink and wait...but what? It's already 6:00? And I'm just leaving home? LOL What was I thinking?! I should have left half an hour ago!

So we chuckled and planned to meet at 6:30 instead. I don't think Cat minded the delay, but sorry anyway, Kitty Cat!

So for the love of the ride, my brain tricked me into being late. It was a good ride. Thanks brain!

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