Sunday, March 15, 2009

A fatal attraction?

Friday was a really nice spring day, so I was able to get a 35 mile ride in.

I live right at the head of the completed portion of the Paul Henry Thornapple Trail, as shown below. So I can ride that southeast to the Southbelt Trail, which will eventually connect to the Kent Trails. I used to live right near a trail head to the Kent Trails, so I love them. The funny thing is that the Southbelt Trail is not finished yet. They started building and paving it from the two ends and are working toward the center. So I had to take a few miles of detour to get from the eastern finished portion to the western finished portion. When the project is done, this route will offer me a very long stretch of paved miles, without riding on the roads, on which I can do long training rides in preparation for the century this summer. I like that.

Now that more people are out using the trails with their kids, walking dogs, etc...I have a question. Why do dogs take great pains to run right at a bicycle, even when it's going in the opposite direction? Is chain lube a aphrodesiac? Is there some attraction to sticking their head under the rear tire? Dogs are wonderful, smart, emotional creatures. But this universal K9 need to grapple with a large spinning metal machine with a human carefully balanced on top does not demonstrate their relative intelligence as a species. Sigh.

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  1. Hi Missy,

    I came across your blog while searching for information on the M-6 trail. I live in Caledonia and am trying to find the closest spot I could park my car and ride the trail to work (Metro Health Hospital). Would you happen to know? Thanks for your help! -- Ang