Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bike Shopping - Day 2...and bike name options *snicker*

I started off today by heading up to Freewheeler Bike Ship, which was recommended to me by some of the Rapid Wheelmen folks that I met at the alley cat last week. I rode a 2008 Felt F85, 56cm first. It was aluminum and felt a little too big. Then I rode a 2008 Fuji Finest 2.0, 55cm, which is a women's frame. It felt alright but a little long in the reach. A shorter top tube would probably solve the problem. Though, when I tried the drops, my legs bumped my body. This bike was pink, which I don't mind, and well priced. The best priced yet.
Here's the Fuji from She Cycles by the Seashore.

Then I stopped at Alger Cyclery & Fitness and rode a Cannondale CAAD9 optimo. Aluminum with carbon fork. It felt alright, other than being a little long in the top again, but the price was higher than I want to spend. I was told that this store is a good place to get shoes, but their prices seemed high for shoes, too.

Finally, I decided to stop back at Village Bike Shop. I rode a 2007 Giant OCR A1, medium. This bike is aluminum in the bottom and carbon in the top - a split bike. It felt pretty nice - still some road vibe but a little less than with an all alum. They even put a shorter handlebar on it for me to try. Overall, pretty nice. Their body scan said that I should be on about a 55cm frame, so I guess feeling more stretched out is proper, as long as my elbows still have a little bend. Being a two year old model, the price was decent on this bike for having a composite frame. A little higher than I wanted to go, but maybe a possibility.

I also looked at shoes at VBS because they had some 2008 models on sale. They had a Specialized women's mountain bike shoe that felt nice and was well priced and pedals that were also acceptible.

The alley cat folks told me to go with Freewheeler over Village, but I really like the fit and analysis process they put you through at Village. The problem is that it costs a little bit on top of the bike. I'd really like to get the whole bike, shoes, pedals and accessories for under $1000, which I could pull off with the Fuji from Freewheeler. Hmm...

Bike Names

On some of the bike websites and blogs that I read, especially by women cyclists like Bike Skirt and Let's Go Ride a Bike, it is important to have a name for your bike. I think that's fun! I've thought about it, and I don't think my mountain bike really has a name. But I want to name my road bike! I've been thinking that "Slick" is my favorite! This would be a sleek looking bike in red or black (the Giant I rode today was red, black and silver...perfect!). Then, I could live with "Rocky," if the bike felt really solid. If it's blue, maybe "Beau." If it's pink like the Fuji though, I don't know what I'd call it. I don't want my bike to sound wimpy. I want power and speed even while being feminine! Maybe "She-Ra"? "Zena"? Any suggestions?

Advice Welcome!

I'd also welcome any advice you have on the bikes I've riden the past two days or on bike buying in general. Thanks!

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