Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shoveling snow is a workout, right?

It's been snowing again the past few days. Arg. On the upside, I've started to count shoveling snow as part of my workout! LOL

I also rode 16 miles at the gym and did a few light lifts today.

Bowling was on TV at the gym. I've always considered golf and bowling to be fun sports to play but horrendously boring sports to watch. Strangely, I kind of enjoyed watching bowling today. It reminded me of my childhood when I had to suffer through the hours of my dad watching bowling and golf. It's kind of nostalgic fun when I recognize the old players' names...Walter Ray Williams Jr., Norm Duke, Pete Weber.

I promise when it warms up outside you won't have to read about what I watch on TV anymore! Then it will be harrowing stories of dodging squirrels and swallowing insects whole. Yum!

(Fortunately, this isn't a picture of my bike. I hope I never have to report that this happened to me!)

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