Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Getting started

Hello online world! This is my first blog post ever. Woo hoo!

I've just begun training for my first century - the 100 Grand in Grand Rapids, MI on June 6, 2009. I'm pretty excited about it!

I've been getting really into biking the past couple summers. In September I did a two-day trip from Grand Rapids to Big Rapids (about 55 miles each way), and it inspired me to try a real long distance bike race.

I've been riding a mountain bike like it's a road bike. It's great exercise and super for commuting to work, but it's not exactly fast. So one of my plans is to get a road bike by March or April so I can get used to riding it and practice pedalling with a group. That'll be different! I've only really ridden alone up to this point. My wonderful hubby, Josh, says that he'll find a good bike deal for me. I am soooo geaked to take off on a skinny-tired speed machine!

As for training, I've worked out what I think will be an adequate but doable training plan, increasing my distance by about 10% per week. I've worked in a little running and some weight lifting. To be totally realistic, I doubt I'll train more than three days a week, so I hope it'll be enough!

My goal for the race is to finish it without feeling like I want to die. I want to enjoy the race and feel proud of the accomplishment. Time doesn't matter so much to me...I'm not going to do an Iron Man (like one of my amazing, super cool, but crazy friends, Cat)!

So my short term goals are:
  • Start getting those miles in! Build my fitness.
  • Warm up the weather so I can ride outside instead of in the gym.
  • When it's warm enough, commute to work by bike.
  • Find a road bike.
  • Find a riding group - probably a relatively slower paced group, or even better, a women's group in the Grand Rapids area.
  • Be smart about when I need a break.
  • Continue to have a life - like seeing my husband and friends, doing fun stuff and working on our new house!

Thanks for reading and joining me on this adventure!

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